Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Design Appreciation

Good designs

This product is a well designed product as it does not make use of blades on the outside to generate wind. It is safe for children and parents would be happy to buy one.

This is a good design as it is very absorbent and keep the baby dry at all times.

Poor designs

This is a poor design as the toilet paper is placed too far away from the toilet bowl. Hence, people have to stand up in order to get the toilet paper.

This is a really bad design. When children slide downwards, they might will get hurt.

Sources : 1truebeliever.wordpress.com


  1. The second bad invention looks to unlikely to be invented. Who would want to invent a cheese shredder slide??? The Dyson fan is a very famous design, i'm sure a lot of people in the class will put that too.

  2. I agree with you for the Dyson fan and the toilet paper which was placed for away from the toilet. The Dyson fan will prevent accidents from happening and the toilet paper was placed too far away and will cause inconvenience.

  3. I agree that the first one is a really good design, it looks nice and dosen't have blades. It is also east to clean.
    The first poor design has poor ergonomics as peoples arms aren't that long!

  4. The Dyson fan is good and I agreed with Jasmine. But what is the diapers doing there. Anyways the toilet papers is too far away. And the slide will grate the child.

  5. I think that the Dyson fan is good and I agree with what you say. Diapers is not only mamy poko or whatever, all diapers absorb, just not to that extent of being completely dry. The toilet papers is too far away. And the slide will either injure or kill the child. Try not to be so sadistic. =.=

  6. The blade less fan is so cute, and it's quite easy to use too. I don't think Mamy Poko pants are that good. The toilet paper thing is hilarious, I don't think anybody would like to walk across the toilet to get toilet paper after doing their business . The "Slide" looks more like a cheese-grater and i seriously scary, like some monster contraption.

  7. I agree with all the designs for the same reasons.

  8. I agree with the designs as well as the reasons.